The Gingerbread Man

This week the Lightning Dragons read a book about the Gingerbread Man. Well! What could have been a better opportunity to get down to some fun baking!!

So we got our ingredients and incorporated a lot of Math as we measured out all that we needed. We smelt and felt the textures. We then practiced cooperation and collaboration as we took turns with mixing up everything. We were even vigilant enough to keep note of allergies of friends...the Lightning Dragons are super thoughtful.

However after all our effort, when we came back to our classroom we found out that the Gingerbread men were no where to be seen and they had left a note for us. As we followed the clues around the campus in search of our beloved gingerbread men, we got the opportunity to get familiar with the wider community in school and get acquainted with places like the clinic, swimming pool area, canteen and finally the Principal's office.  When we got back to our class we were thrilled to find our precious cookies waiting for us in the reading corner. What fun was this wild goose chase!!

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