Stories From Around The World...continued!

We have continued to enjoy interesting tales from around the world.

We had some more parents come in to tell stories from Canada and Macedonia. We even got to see what the Macedonian script looks like. Leona's mom was kind enough to bring in cards with the names of all the Wild Cats written in Macedonian.
The Wild Cats have been enjoying story-telling through dance, music and shadow puppets. The three little pigs was rather popular with us.

One of the conversations that came up was how Fairy tales are different from other stories. The Wild Cats also watched this...

Here are some interesting conversations that were captured....

We were fortunate that the Children's Musical Theater from Grade 4 performed their version of the 3 little pigs, called, BE PREPARED TO BE PIGGED. This gave us a different perspective of a traditional tale and opened up our horizons as we will be working on creating our own stories. I have to say, this play was absolutely brilliant. Super proud of our grade 4 friends!!

We had Mr. Robert Magnuson visit us. He is a Filipino children's author who came and shared his inspiring journey with us. He shared some interesting tales from his childhood and how he actually starting writing stories primarily through his illustrations/drawings. He was honest to share his challenges and frustrations but was also a great role model as he explained how he persevered and found personal success along his journey. Mr Magnuson gave a us an awesome drawing lesson and later gave us a chance to experiment with his instructions. Creativity at its best!!!

As we dig deeper into story elements, the Wild Cats have been working on characters from their favorite Mo Willems books on Piggie and Gerald. We are getting more familiar with setting, plot, problem and solution as we continue to enjoy stories from around the world. The Wild Cats are shifting their interest toward coming up with their own works and thinking how best they would like to share these stories with their audience. Please stay tuned....

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