An inquiry into Stories from around the world

Stories are a universal way of communicating. Through listening to, reading, telling, writing, and acting out stories, students will develop an understanding that stories are told all over the world in different ways and for different purposes.Throughout time people have told stories to convey messages, to share ideas and to make us think.
  • What is a story?
  • How do we make meaning from stories?
  • What do stories tell us about different cultures?
  • Students will explore stories as a means of communication. They will be encouraged to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to identify and summarize problems in stories and make inferences about various elements of stories. Students will work together to retell stories and will be encouraged to make connections to their own and others' cultures/countries.
Students will explore, among other things, the concept of being fair and ethical through storytelling. They will be given the opportunity to create their own stories.
  • Story Elements: Characters, Setting, Plot (beginning, middle, end, problem/resolution)
  • Story Genres 
  • Ways of telling Stories- Music, dance, puppetry, story cards, digital stories)
  • Stories in Other Languages- 
  • sequencing stories
We have been fortunate to have some parents come in to share some special stories from their countries with us. The Wild cats have been loving these tales.

Stories from France

                                            From the Netherlands

From China
Today the Wild Cats came dressed as their favorite character. All of Kindergarten had a parade in the ES playground. We had lots of spectators. It was awesome!!!

Later we got together with the Lightning Leopards, our grade 3 buddies. They read our favorite books to us. We then carried out a joint character study with our buddy. This is what we did....

We drew the character we were dressed up as and analyzed what this character was like on the outside and also on the inside. The classroom was buzzing with literary discussions...

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