Writing non-fiction text

Having read many non-fiction books in the last couple of months, the Wild Cats are getting to be pros at distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction. One day in class, this is exactly what we did. We sorted our classroom library into piles of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Moving ahead from this task, our focus has also been on writing non-fiction text for the past few weeks in our writers workshop. This relates well to the informational books we are reading for our unit of study on physical well-being related to our body. The research that we carried out was also complimentary to this genre of writing. After exploring many non fiction books, we came up with a web chart to decide on the topics we could write about.

The rule for choosing was that we must know atleast four or five facts about our topic. If it did not pass this test, we had to think of something else that we had enough information about. The Wild Cats were very thoughtful about their decisions and went ahead to share a wealth of knowledge with peers and teachers.

After having worked really hard at putting together these books, we decided to share the published version with our preschool friends. The Wild Cats were super proud to be able to teach so many things to the younger ones, enjoying every moment of their trip down to Preschool!!

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