Ongoing Mini inquiries

The Wild Cats are inquisitive, curious and engaged. These children are super inquirers. In the last few weeks there have been so many interesting investigations and conversations that I really was tempted to share these with everyone.
PLAYDOUGH: So one afternoon some of the Wild Cats were keen to make playdough. They got together and with very little help from the teachers, got the ingredients together. After that they were completely on their own. They assigned one friend to read the recipe and all the others got down to putting these together and soon we had some beautiful blue playdough soft, pliable and ready to enjoy.

Well!! It did not end here. We read the book the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Soon the Wild Cats made good use of their blue playdough, making their own Rainbow fish with it and even sharing the shining scales with their friends. We had great conversations about being kind, how to make friends and how being nice to others makes you happy.

Very proudly, we have decided to take our own little beautiful and sparkly fish home with us, hoping to transfer our learning into active kindness!!

FUN WITH LIGHT: This week we had the projector in class with light and shadows. The Wild Cats loved playing with it. We had some rich language and wonderful stories come out of this shadow play.

Leading on from this play, we read a non-fiction book about light. So one day as we came into class, we found some flashlights but we noticed that these did not work. We figured that they needed batteries. Soon the Wild Cats got busy trying to install these in the flashlights. It was great to see them totally focused, trying to get the light on. This was a great learning experience for the kids...they felt so successful being able to get them working!!

Now we thought how could we use these when we went into the fun room....this is what we did......

Yes!! We looked for hot words in the dark room with our flashlights!! Kindergarten is so much fun and the Wild Cats certainly rock!!

OUR BIRD FEED & OUR WONDER WINDOW: This morning some friends said that they had seen a structure out in the playground on a tree so we went out to have a look. It turned out (we think!!) to be a bird feed. Taking their inspiration from this, we got busy making our own.

We then went outside and hung this up on a tree that we can observe from our classroom through our newly operational Wonder Window.

  This is leading us into an investigation into what sort of food birds like.........

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