My Body! Unit of inquiry continued...

After tuning in (see older post about this unit) with our See, think and wonder model, we shared our stories of birth. Here are some conversations we managed to capture.

We looked at stages of growth. The vocabulary we were introduced to was: Fetus, Infant, toddler, child, teenager, adult and senior citizen. Thank you to our friends who were able to come in to share their interests at various stages in their lives.

Thanks to the senior citizens in our lives who took out the time to share their thoughts with us and answered the questions we came up with. These are the questions the Wild Cats came up with:
Can you still play sports?
How old does Senior Citizen start?
What do you do?
Do you still work?
How old are you?
Can you plant food?
Can you still use your hands to cook?
How late do you stay up?
Can you travel?
Can you run?
Can  you sleep?
Can you still walk?
When did your parents die?
How many days will they live?

Exploring stages of growth through hands on puzzles...

The Wild Cats got their own timeline photos thanks to the lovely parents. We sequenced these and worked super hard to make our book, 'Story of Me'. Here is a sneak peek at some of our thoughts...

After exploring the stages of life and inquiring into them, the Wild Cats got interested in how their body works and what is inside our body. Here are a few songs that we enjoyed

Here is our class tooth chart

Our field trip to Museo Pambata was a fantastic interactive experience as we explored their body room.

We also got our grade 3 buddies involved as they traced our bodies.

We measured and labeled our bodies....

We integrated some art as we carefully observed the lines of the human figure, noticing the curves and joints. The Wild Cats made some awesome sketches.

We brought in some mindfulness as we discussed how we could keep our bodies calm and relaxed. We had a few sessions of yoga!

We had some rich play set up to explore the theme. The infant care                                                                                      drama center and the dentist clinic
 were very popular....

As we read more and more non-fiction books about the body systems, we thought about what it was that interested us the most about our internal organs. As a class we came up with six topics. The heart, brain, muscles, bones, skin and blood.We had conversations about how we could find information about these. This is what we used to organize our thoughts.

We then went ahead and researched .....


The next step was to showcase our learning. We had a choice to opt for making a movie, a clay model, a poster or an e-book. Each student went with his/her area of interest. It is incredible to witness the engagement when we are able to make our own choices and decisions. It really does bring out the very best in these young learners. Today we shared our learning with our grade 3 buddies...

We will have them completely ready to share with our families soon after the break.

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