We have been waiting excitedly for our 100 days in school!! Wow!! In Kindergarten for 100 days!!!...that does sound awesome!!

We started the day with our morning calendar and had to do 100 tally marks...the Wild Cats were great to help their friend with all that hard work to represent such a BIG number!

The Wild Cats then decided to get fit as they counted to 100 by ones.

We read this book!

We had fun looking around the room for 100 Hershey's kisses. We collaborated and placed these on our 100s chart and did some hands on division to decide that all of us could get 5 pieces of chocolate. We then broke up into centers. We got to make our 100 gumballs with Q tips and paint. We made hats counting by 10s and we made our own special 100 days book.  Here is a glimpse of us in action....

We also had a chance to enjoy the book, Centipede's 100 shoes by Tony Ross.

The Wild Cats followed up on this text by going around the school for this task...

Learning in Kindergarten is just FUN!!  We have grown so much in these 100 days!!

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