Unit of Inquiry on Materials....wrapping it up!

After we shared our plans (previous blog post), we got down to some serious building. Some of us changed our minds and decided to construct something different which was just fine. Some of us collaborated with a friend and undertook a joint project. Others opted to help friends when they were done with their own constructions. We had some recycling materials at hand. We had to put on our thinking caps and decide which of these materials would be best suited to our building project. We had to pull out our knowledge of all the experiments that we had carried out earlier in the unit and put those conclusions to good use. Here we are building in all earnest....
 As some of us made things that had to be tested in water, we carried out these tests in the classroom. If we had problems, we reviewed our project, persevered and fixed them ....

We then were super excited to head to the big swimming pool to make sure all was good and functioning in our beautiful creations.

We are absolutely thrilled with our products.....

Here are our reviews and reflections....
SR:  First I didn’t know what to use to make my boat then I got an idea that fan and an engine wouldn’t work for a boat.  I didn’t know how to make an engine.  I wanted to build it up.  I used plastic, wood, paper, and Styrofoam.  I thought it was quite heavy but it floated.  I thought the Styrofoam would make it float.  It floated right away when we tested it.
I also put a phone on it so if there’s an emergency on the boat I could call somebody.

SA –First I used wood and plastic for my boat.  But when we tested it in water it didn’t float because the wood is too heavy.  So I removed the wood, it still did not float.  I felt a bit sad but I just keep trying.  Then I used plastic cups because plastics float and it has air.  I also use something like that for swimming so I float.  When we were in the swimming pool to test it I got scared.   I didn’t want to show to everyone and it might not float.  But I tried it and it floated.  I felt good.

EA – I used plastic bottles and plastic plates for my boat.  The top part keeps falling.  I think next time I’ll use a glue gun to stick that part.  The first time we tested on water, it float half and it sink half.  It’s because there was water on the boat.  It was sideways.  And then we tried it again and then it worked.   Then I put something like a wood and then we put 4 bottles at the bottom.  I think it will float.  It had covers.  One didn’t have a cover so I put tape.  I put cover so it will not sink. I did float!!

BB – I used Styrofoam, cardboard, and wood for my boat.  At first it was just wood and cardboard, but it tipped over when we tested it on water.  I think it’s because it’s not balanced.  So I got Styrofoam.  I know it can really float.  I make the Styrofoam look kinda look like a box so it can float.  I was really happy when it floated.

SB. – I made a castle for toys. It’s called “Little Doll House Castle.” We used a medium size box not a big one because it’s only for toys.  It’s too small for us.  I build it with Julia.  We don’t have a tent for our toys.  The size was perfect. If I’m going to build a real castle, I will use bricks.

CS – I made a castle.  I used plastics and boxes.  The size of my box was good.  It’s enough for one person.  I let my friends play. If I build a real house I think I should use bricks because it will be big and strong.

SZ – I made a boat.  It was supposed to be a castle but I changed my mind.  I used plastic to go on the bottom because plastic can float.  And then I put a bottle in the middle and put a shampoo facing sideways.  The shampoo was supposed to be a flag but I didn’t like how it looked.  So I just put a straw and a fabric with it.  I also put a slide. When we tested, it floated.  I knew that it would float because there was bottles at the bottom.

MD  - I made a castle.  I used plastic and I also used a box.  The size is already good for me.  I also painted it.  I made an M so it could be my castle.  If it’s a real castle, I’ll use a big box and a skinny box on top and plastic bottles.  I tried making a floating castle. I put it on water coz I thought it might float but it did not.  So that’s why I made it a regular castle.  It’s easy to make but the bottles keep falling.  Maybe next time I’ll use glue to stick it instead of tape. If a real castle has to built we need to use metal and cement.

JZ – I made a castle.  I made it Sienna Barber.  It was easier working with a partner.  I made it out of cardboard.  I like to make it make it bigger and taller next time.  It’s a princess castle.  I like to put more designs next time.  It’s strong enough for dolls.  Real castles are made of plastic also when they are for dolls.

TL – I built a boat.  I used two plastic bottles and two cardboard.  I put plastic bottles at the bottom because it will make it float.  My boat floated the first time I tested it.  I wanna make it bigger next time.  I think real boats are made of metal, wood and fabric. The fabric is actually used for the couch.

MZ – I made a boat. I used plastic bottles because the bottles will not sink.  I did not put lid on the hole because it’s too heavy. I put tape on the holes so water will not go in.  Water will make it sink.  The best part was when we tested in the pool.

HD – I made a football game.  I used sticks, cardboard, paper.  It was easy to build it.  It was challenging to make the guys.  I used cardboard to make the guys. I want to use a different material next time because the stick breaks easily.  Maybe I can use plastic for the rod next time because it’s stronger.  The size is just right.  I had fun doing it.  The best part was playing with it.

EP – I made a boat.  I used cardboard, wood, and rubber.  I put a DVD there and it was showing Star Wars.  It was hard to make it float.  It sank the first time I tried it.  I put a cardboard at the bottom because it can float.  The best part was testing in the pool.

SD – I built a robot.  It’s a helping robot.  I used metal cans, cardboard, wires, computer keyboard.  I put wires for it to move.  You press the keyboard for it do something.  I think I need batteries and I need to plug it in next time so it can move on its own.  I will also make it smaller next time.

SV – I build a boat.  My boat flipped over in the pool.  I was a bit sad.  Now I will try to take out the stick so it can float.  The stick was made of wood that’s very hard.  The wood is making the whole boat tip over. But the boat is not too heavy so it didn’t sink all the way down.  If it’s heavy it doesn’t float.  If it’s not heavy it does float.

JI – I made a boat.  I used plastic only because plastic can float.  I used fabric for the flag.  I put a Japanese flag because I like Japan. When I tried it on the water the first time, it floated.  I loved testing it in the pool.  If I’m going to make my own boat, I’m going to use wood.  I’m also make a paddle out of plastic to make it move.

LG –  I made a floating telephone.  At first it was just a regular phone but I wanted to make it float.  I don’t have a floating telephone.  I made it with plastic and paper cups.  The paper cups are for hearing.  You can use it in the swimming pool or in the river.  I’ll add plastic and metal to make my floating telephone work.  I was happy when it floated in the pool.

AP – I made a floating castle.  I just needed wood and Styrofoam.  And you put it together with hot glue gun and tape. It was strong enough.  My first design did not float.  I used only wood the first time.  It tipped over.  My second one floated coz I added Styrofoam at the bottom so it can float.

FL – I made a boat.  It brings cargo to different places.  I used sticks, cardboard, paper wrappers.  It didn’t float when I tested it.  I think it’s because I have too many stuff on one side and it makes it tip over.  The other side is a little bit heavier.  So I put more stuff on the other side.   Then I put Styrofoam on the bottom so it doesn’t tip.  It floated.  If I’m going to build a real boat, I’ll use metal and wood.  I think it will float.

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