Materials...Unit of Inquiry!

Children are naturally curious about objects in the world around them. As such, we have started exploring the different properties of man-made and natural objects that are present in our everyday lives. We have lately been carrying out experiments and inquired into how the properties of different materials affect their uses. Our Three essential questions for this unit are: What are Natural materials? How do materials change? How do we change materials to use them? To inquire into these topics of interest The Wild Cats tuned in with a Nature walk around the school grounds.

We collected natural objects. Later we brought them to the class, sorted and labelled these.

The Wild Cats brought in objects from home made of various materials. They got busy sorting these and putting them up on a grid in the class.

We also measured some objects made of different materials to determine whether they were longer or shorter than the piece of yarn we had.

We carried out a number of Experiments to observe if materials sink or float, Whether they are heavy or light, what are their textures, whether they are flexible or rigid and whether they are water proof or not. We learnt how to predict, observe , test and come to a conclusion.

Here we are engrossed in some hands-on fun....

Please stay tuned to our 'BIG' experiment on Bounce or Break? in our next blog post.....

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