Writers Workshop

The Writers Workshop is positively thriving in the Wild Cats class. Right from the beginning, we have been motivated and engaged. The writers specially enjoy this model of learning as they always have a choice of what they want to write about. The unit of Inquiry is often integrated for a richer and more concrete learning experience. We have had several mini lessons since the beginning of the year to target some specific strategies to support the authors.
. The wild cats firstly know that 'when we are done, we have just begun'! They also know that Writers think, draw, add details, add labels/writing. We have been visiting some suggestions to help writers get ideas for writing. The three main things we came up with are: Places I like to go, Things I like to do and People I love. Lately we have talked about 'Hand Planning'. So here we try to come up with an idea/topic.Then we think of 5 things regarding that topic (on our 5 fingers). This is the plan that we are trying to create a piece with. Most of the Wild Cats have come up with brilliant books/stories using their 'hand planning' technique. In our class we try to spell words by using our 'Rubber band stretching strategy'. We try to sound out the word we want to write by stretching it out like a rubberband. We are also encouraged to copy environmental print and always have THRASS charts and other hotword cards available at our tables while we enjoy our wonderful writing.

It is heartening to see how the Wild Cats are using inventive spelling more and more as they gain the confidence to take more risks with their writing.


Thank you so much for coming in last Friday to encourage our budding authors! It was truly a pleasure to share our very first publication with our family!!

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