Unit Of Inquiry....Communities!

We have explored how bigger groups of people can work well together to be positive members of their community. The Wild Cats brain stormed and came up with lots of good concrete ideas. Our thinking has been made visible and is up on our walls for us to continue our conversations and refer back to all these wonderful ideas.
We also read the book, 'The Crayon Box that talked'.
After enjoying this book, the wild cats worked in four different groups. This is how we worked. Each person in the group got one color of crayon/marker. We then had to talk and plan with our group about the picture we were going to draw. For example if we had ye;;ow we could draw the sun, whereas some one with green could do the grass. There was a lot of negotiating, planning, communicating, creativity and collaboration happening as we did this. The Wild Cats are here in action!!

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