Communities Unit of Inquiry

After we inquired into Groups and how to build a positive community to make it more functional (previous blog post), the Wild Cats were very curious about other members of our wider ISM community. We had a great conversation about this and came up with a list of people/places that form our school and are important to us.
1. Mr. Campbell
2. Mr. Toze
3. The Security guards
4. The Clinic
5. The Teachers
6. The Kids
7. The Gardeners
8. Mr. Eugene
9. The Canteen.
The Wild Cats then came up with questions they would like to ask various members of their school community, something about them or their work. Anything that matters to our community is important!! Here are the Wild Cats wondering.....
Next week we will come up with some ideas as to how we can gather information in order to answer all these stay tuned!!!

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