Unit of Inquiry...Communities

The Wild Cats have been inquiring into what Communities look like and how we all belong to many different communities. For this we ofcourse started with the most concrete part of our community which is 'ME'. We have been talking about 'All about me' from the beginning of the school year this semester. Moving on from there, we tried to share more about our families. The family photo that all of you sent in was helpful to get a meaningful insight into the culture of the Wild Cats families!
Zooming out as we go further, the Wild cats have been connecting with a wider circle of friends and our class community. The 'Name of the Day' was just one of many ways we got familiar with our friends in class. We have been coming up with ways to make our play safe, responsible and respectful. 'How Full is your Bucket', 'The Invisible Boy', 'You Get What You Get' are only some of the literature that helped support us to be good community members. We have had great conversations about what are 'Big problems and small problems' and how best to deal with them.
This week the Wild Cats have made their own Community circles to identify how they can recognize a bigger and slightly more abstract picture of our inquiry. From here we may move on to Group work to explore how we can work well together.......please stay tuned!!!

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