Snail Inquiry continued.....

So we had lots of questions as the Wild Cats wondered about snails. Here are some of them:
How do snails move? S B
What is inside their shell? E
Why are they so slow? L
Why do they have shells? M
How do snails walk? S R
Why do they eat leaves? B
I wonder if they come out of their shells? S Z

We went ahead and researched to answer these questions the best we could....

We found out these facts about snails:
Snails move by gliding on their muscular foot.
Snails hide inside their shells when they smell something they don't like.
The shell is part of the snail's body.
It comes out of the shell when it feels safe.
Snails also use their slime to walk.
They are slow because they have no bones on their foot.
Snails like to eat leaves because they like the taste.

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