Our Snail Inquiry

Igniting our students natural curiosity is something we strive to achieve every day and throughout the school year with the hope that each student begins to see him/herself as a lifelong learner inside and outside the walls of our classroom! Setting up materials and provocations in the learning environment to support their wonder and gently nudge and scaffold their learning is a very exciting process since it can be an adventure that leads in many different directions based on their interests, knowledge, strengths and needs! Recently The Wild Cats brought in some snails from the playground when they were out for recess. 
This led to an exciting discussion about snails and following the lead of the students we set up some provocations with magnifying glasses and books to help further their investigations. 
There was so much careful and intent observation going on in class that we decided to do some observational drawings.
This was the time we had some very rich conversations going on. We saw, we thought and we wondered as we followed the Inquiry model.
Here are some more conversations that we were able to capture....

We have many questions that we hope to find answers for in the coming days......so please stay tuned!!

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