Reading with Parents

Thank you for launching our year long Reading with Parents sessions. We look forward to seeing you every Friday to enjoy a book or two with your child. You are welcome to bring in books in your home language. Looking forward....

9th Grade Buddies

Hero's Journey:
Our friends from 9th grade came down to meet with us and interview us. They have a project where they are writing a story about a little hero. The Lightning Dragons are going to be featured as heroes in these books. For this purpose we had the two age groups individually paired up. The 9th graders found out some information about our likes and dislikes and got to know us better so they could depict us as their heroes in their works. Here is a snapshot of our class while they were visiting.

Personal Inquiry

We are learning to learn!!  We are communicators, we can collaborate, we are critical thinkers, negotiators and much more....

Our first unit this year gives us the opportunity to develop these skills as we explore our interests that are reflected mainly through our play. The essential questions for this unit are:
What are the different ways people learn?
How do I learn best?
How do I contribute to a learning community?

As we build relationships in our community of learners, we realise that some of us have common interests that we would like to explore.  The Lightning Dragons have been wanting to know more about. 1. Airplane 2. Ramps. 3. Rain/clouds
Our friends have had many intelligent questions in mind.

AC: How does the pilot make the airplane fly?
VR: How fast can an airplane go?
        How much 'Benzine' is used?
JL: Why is an airplane so big?
       Why are airplane wings long?
       How does the pilot know how to go to Japan?
RD: What are the different kinds of fighter planes?
        How can the airplane fly for such a long time?
MM: How does the airplane reach up to the clouds?
NM: Is there a turbo airplane?
ZM: Where are airplanes made?
EB: How does an airplane land?
CD: Where does the food come from in the airplane?
        How do the wheels go inside the airplane?
NB: How do the engines turn?
RS: How can I make a paper airplane?

RS: What places are ramps used?
        What are ramps made of?
        Who first thought of ramps?
MP: How can you roll many marbles down a ramp?
TK: How do circles and squares go down a ramp?
LJ: How can I build a ramp?

JH: Where does the rain come from?
        How does the rain come down?
LQ: How does rain get harder?
        How does rain get lower?
AD: How does it rain?
SO:Where does the rain come from?

 We brainstormed as to how we can best answer our wonderings. This is what we came up with....

We were fortunate to have one of the parents come in to answer all our questions. Yes!! We have a pilot in the Lightning Dragons family. Thanks to Evan's Dad for taking out the time to be our expert speaker.

We also went up to the CMC to get some information by reading books.....
Having learned so many things about airplanes, what better way for children to express their learning other than through play. So here we are getting super creative with the airport facility that was built by the Lightning Dragons. There was negotiation, turn taking, collaboration and compromising skills that were being practiced. we also had oral and written literacy skills being guided through this purposeful play. Here are some pictures...

We have an expert in our class who is great at teaching us how to make paper airplanes. The Lightning Dragons were so excited to learn this skill....

Many friends have been enjoying our marble run construction toys in class. An interest in ramps is definitely visible. 
We went up to the CMC to look for information. We also watched some videos on the internet. 

However, we decided that the best way to actually find out more about ramps is to try and build our own. For this we got down to some serious planning.

Although we had our own individual plans we eventually decided to collaborate and build a bigger ramp together. Critical thinking at its best as we tested the ramp.

Testing my ramp !!

What with all the rain, some of the Lightning Dragons wanted to inquire deeper into this topic.
So we went up to the CMC and found quite a few books that could answer our questions. We also watched some videos on the internet to help us understand the concept of Water cycle

We then went ahead and carried out a couple of experiments to understand by doing it ourselves.

Coming up next........
Please stay tuned as we get ready to share our learning from these inquiries with our friends......

Ten Black Dots

After reading the book Ten Black Dots, the Lightning Dragons got creative as they connected Math to real life.....